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Best Moving Day Tips – International Edition

Posted Moving Preparation / February 2, 2023
Georgia Michaelson

Born and raised in St. Louis, Georgia Michaelson is a content writer with a specialty in moving and traveling. Her tips can help you relocate without a fuss

People think that planning the move is the hardest part of it. And while it does take a lot of hard work and dedication, the actual moving day is a bit more stressful since there is no more putting things off. So here are some moving day tips to ensure you have a smooth move.

What Should I Do the Day of Moving – One of the Best Moving Day Tips Is to Make a Checklist

The day of the move can be quite frantic, and there are a lot of things you could forget to do, especially if you’re about to move abroad. That’s why you have to create a moving abroad checklist for the big day. That way, you will have every task written down in one convenient place, and you can check them off as you go through them. This relocation hack will minimize the chances of you forgetting something in a rush or making any relocation mistakes.

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If you create a checklist early on, you can keep adding items to it throughout time as you remember them. If you try to just memorize everything and rely on remembering it off the top of your head on one of the most stressful days you’ll encounter, you will for sure forget something like throwing out the trash or turning off the lights in the attic.

Be Present When Movers Come to Pack and Pick Up Your Belongings

The unwritten rule of relocation etiquette is to be home when the movers come. It doesn’t matter if you choose to ship your belongings by air or perhaps by the sea – the process they have to go through at your place remains the same. And the fact that you should be there with them has nothing to do with trust or how reliable the overseas shipping company is.

Even if you’ve hired reputable movers such as I Love International Moving company, you have to overlook everything and help them out with any questions they may have about the house or your things, especially if you’ve hired them for packing services. You should also take a second look at the inventory list to be sure everything is alright. Moving overseas is a big job, and it’s possible something will go wrong. That’s why it helps if you’re there to notice any mistakes. If you can’t be at the house during that period, ask someone else to fill in for you. Just be sure it’s someone trustworthy, like a relative or a friend.

Children Or Pets Shouldn’t Be There

No matter how experienced the movers are, a place that’s being prepared to move is no place for a child or a pet. There are heavy boxes, fragile items, and sharp objects all around, not to mention that people will constantly be going in and out of the house, which is a perfect opportunity for someone very little to sneak out. So, if you’re planning to relocate with pets, you need to find them a nice place to stay, away from the house. Either ask a friend to take care of them or put them in a puppy hotel if you’re relocating with a dog.

The same goes for children – let them stay with a family member or a friend, or find them a babysitter to take care of them. They just have to be out of the way – it’s one of the most helpful tips for moving day and the only way to relocate efficiently. If you let them stay, not only will they be in danger of something going terribly wrong, but they will also be a distraction. Nobody wants to be packing for a move and lifting heavy boxes while a baby is crying, a toddler is screaming and running around them, or a dog is barking and growling at them. It’s the least you could do to prepare for movers.

You Have to Declutter Before Movers Come If You’re Moving to a Smaller House

There are many pros and cons of moving to a smaller home. Downsizing and moving to a smaller home is great because you will be close to your loved ones, and you will connect more while paying less for rent or mortgage. The downside of living in a smaller living space is that you won’t have as much room in your new home for your things anymore. So, how to start the task of moving from a large home to a smaller one other than with decluttering? You have to get rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff and figure out what you actually want to take with you.

The most effective way of doing so is by asking yourself – have you used this item in the last year? If the answer is no, the item shouldn’t move across the world with you. You can no longer afford to be a hoarder and pack everything you own, to put it in simpler words. So, start by separating your belongings into four columns: Column A – things you want to keep when relocating, Column B – things you should throw away, Column C – items you could sell online or in a garage sale, Column D – items you want to donate to Goodwill. If you want some more help on how to declutter properly, watch this video.

How Can I Make Moving Day Easier?

No matter how organized you are or how much you’ve been preparing yourself all those months leading up to the move, the final days are bound to cause some relocation stress, especially when you’re getting ready to live abroad. But why is moving day so stressful? While there are many benefits of relocating, there are also a lot of downsides as well, especially when you’re moving internationally. It’s a big change, and for some reason, all the worry and emotions hit you right before you leave.

Perhaps it’s because you’ve been occupied with planning for so long, you’re just starting to realize how difficult it will be to adjust to a new country and have to deal with cultural shock. So, the main question is – how do I stay calm on moving days? The key is in the details, so here are a few small tips that can help the process go smoother.

Get a Good Night's Sleep and Wake Up Early

Even though it’s pretty straightforward, it’s the best advice anyone can give you – you have to be rested because you have a long journey ahead of you. Everyone knows the importance of sleep, and no matter how excited or nervous you are about the move, you have to get some rest. If you sleep for two hours the night before, there is no amount of coffee in the world that will be able to help you survive all the tasks tomorrow carries. It’s also super important to set your alarm at least an hour earlier than you would regularly, so you can have enough time to accomplish everything.

Remember to Charge All of Your Electronics in Time

You have to be aware of the fact that you have a long trip ahead of you and that, unless you’re planning to read a book or two along the way, you need to have your electronics fully charged and ready to go. That includes your phone, laptop, tablet, headphones, camera, and any other gadgets you might be needing. If not for entertainment purposes, you need your phone to be in contact with the movers. So remember to charge everything the night before and simply pack the chargers in the morning. While we’re on that note, you should also know that you might have to purchase an international adapter if you’re relocating as an American.

Have Your Car Waiting For You When You Arrive at Your New Home

When it comes to move-in day tips that can make your life easier, the best one out there is to have your beloved car waiting for you at your new address. Most reputable relocation companies will offer overseas vehicle shipping services. Car shipping overseas has become very popular over the past few years, and contrary to popular belief, it’s pretty affordable. Not only is it more affordable than buying a new car, but it’s also very practical because you will have a car at your disposal the minute you get to your new hometown. It will make it much easier to get around and get used to your new city.

Don't Leave Too Many Tasks For the Last Minute

The key to surviving one of the most stressful days of your life so far is to not overflood it with last-minute relocation tasks. Save only the small tasks for the last minute and don’t pile them on. All the big things should already be done, like painting, any repairs, and cleaning. Of course, you can put throwing out the trash or cleaning out the fridge at the end of your to-do list, but don’t overdo it because it will only cause you to rush and stress over it if you don’t manage to do it all in a timely fashion. Don’t allow yourself to be in a situation where you’re not even halfway done with the tasks when you have to leave for the airport in ten minutes.

Throw a Going Away Party a Few Days Before

While it is very important to say goodbye to family and friends, throwing a going away party is still a major task that requires a lot of time and planning. That’s why you should never leave it for the last few hours before you go on your trip. Figure out who you want to notify you’re relocating and invite, and set the date of the party a couple of days before you have to move out. It will take a lot of pressure off the whole thing, and you will be able to say goodbye to everyone in peace. Don’t forget to invite everyone to visit you and keep in touch with your friends.

Pack Your Travel Bag In Time

As you may have noticed so far, proper organization is key to everything running smoothly. And when it comes to your travel and relocation essentials, you might want to consider packing them a little bit ahead of time, just to make sure you don’t forget anything. The best thing to do would be to create a list of essentials for your travel bag, pack everything the night before and cross off the items on the list. That way, you won’t have to worry about forgetting something important in a rush. Here are some things you should pack:

  • Your passport, ID, health insurance, plane tickets, and all the other important documents needed to travel abroad,
  • Your electronics, along with the chargers – you will need something to keep you entertained during the long trip,
  • Your wallet and money,
  • Some refreshments,
  • Any essential medication,
  • Food for yourself, your kids, and pets if you’re traveling with them,
  • Diapers for kids if needed, and so on.

Do a Final Sweep of the House Before You Go

This is the last step you have to go over before you leave. Take a walk through the house one last time. See if there is anything you might have forgotten, do some final touch-ups and clean-ups, and turn off all the lights and alarms. Unplug all the electronics, and check to see if all windows and doors are closed and locked. Remember to adjust the thermostat, and finally – say goodbye to your home.

Don’t Let Stress Overwhelm You When You Should Be Enjoying the New Chapter of Your Life

With everything going on with moving day preparation, it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed and nervous – you’re relocating to another country after all. But that doesn’t mean you should be excited and happy about the big change you’re about to make. As long as you have a reliable overseas moving company, like I Love International Moving, by your side, there is no need to worry.

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