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Best Attractions and Other Things To Do in Montreal for Newcomers

Posted Country Guides / January 15, 2021
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Are you planning to move to the ”Paris of North America” or you recently moved here? Then you are probably eager to find out everything about the things to do in Montreal. Well, you came to the right place. Keep on reading, and you will see the most famous sights and the top things to do in MTL. We will also answer some questions that you may have regarding the city itself when thinking about moving overseas.

Whether you’re relocating or it happens that MTL is on your travel route, it is certainly worth exploring everything it has to offer. The City of Saints is located in the southwest part of Quebec province on the Island of Montreal, and it is named after Mount Royal. It was the commercial capital of Canada until 1970 when Toronto took over the leadership. But nevertheless, it is still a vital Canadian center of commerce, transport, finance, and culture.

Things To Do in Montreal: Museum Hopping and Other Places You Should Visit Around the City

If you are wondering, is Montreal worth visiting? The answer would be yes. Ville de Montréal, the French name of the town, is Canada’s second-most populous city. The official language is French so if you are planning on living in Montreal, start with your French lessons now, so you don’t have to struggle with breaking down the language barrier when you move. In La Metropole, you can find some of the most famous Canadian historical landmarks like Notre-Dame Basilica, St. Patrick’s Basilica, and the Cathedral of Marie-Reine-du-Monde. Here are just some of the attractions you must see.

Take a Tour Through Mount Royal Park

As a part of Mount Royal hill, this park is one of the world’s biggest city parks. Located north of the downtown, it covers an area of 692 acres. It is truly a fantastic area with all kinds of outdoor activities you can do here – from jogging, hiking in the summer to skiing and snow sliding in the winter. If you take a hike in Monit-Royal Park, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful view. We guarantee you that selfies will be excellent here.

Visit the Highest Building in MTL – St. Joseph’s Oratory

St. Joseph’s Oratory is a Roman Catholic basilica located in Mount Royal. The church is the highest building in MTL and can be seen from every part of the town. It is also the largest church in Canada. More than 2 million tourists visit this astounding building every year. It has the third-largest dome in the world after St. Peter’s basilica in Rome and the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Côte d’Ivoire.

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Best Museums in the City

If you are a history lover, then you shouldn’t miss Pointe-a-Calliere, Archaeology and History Complex, or Musee Redpath, where visitors can enjoy artifacts from around the world like Egyptian mummies, dinosaurs fossils, rare minerals, and other attractions. If you are more interested in the local history lesson, then Centre d’Histoire de Montreal is the museum where you can find out all about this MTL history. For a more modern experience, you should take a tour of the Grevin, a wax figure museum, but also don’t miss visiting the Barbie Expo with more than 1000 dolls exposed in a shopping mall. McCord Museum, Holocaust Memorial Centre, and Museum of Jewish are also must-see locations for many tourists.

Walking Day Tour Around the Space for Life District

Space for life museum district brings the city’s most important natural museums in one district – the Biodome, Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, Insectarium, and Botanical garden. So if you are a nature lover, this district will be one of your favorites. The botanical garden covers an area of 190 acres, so make sure to take a day off when visiting. It has numerous thematic greenhouses and outdoor parks with plants from all around the world. In the winter, the parks are covered in snow, but you can still visit greenhouses.

Take a Tour of the Old Montreal

As we mentioned above, Quebec’s Metropolis is one of Canada’s oldest cities and has preserved its historic sight mostly in its old part. As one of the most popular spots in the town for tourists when traveling, Old Montreal is the oldest area and home to many attractions. The town is rich in historic buildings from the 17th century, where you can enjoy excellent meals in restaurants and bars, take shopping in small boutiques, or enjoy fantastic architecture.

What’s There To See in Old MTL?

Take a walk through the most famous public squares in the town – Jacques-Cartier, Place d’Armes, and Place Royale. Also, make sure to check Notre-Dame Basilica, gothic style cathedral, one of the most famous of its kind. Check out Château Ramezay, an old residence of the governor, the first historic monument in Quebec, and one of the oldest private museums in the province. If you are a numismatic lover, you will be happy to know that this museum has more than 30,000 objects, including numismatic items, manuscripts, works of art, paintings, etc.

Explore the Best Local Attractions

International moving can be very stressful, but the best way to adjust to a new country is to become one with local customs. There are numerous Montreal neighborhoods that you can choose to live in. Even though the cost of living in Montreal is affordable, some areas are trendier than others and full of local attractions. For instance, MTL is famous for its nightlife, amazing clubs, and bars where you can drink at the age of 18. So if you wish to party with the locals, go to Sainte-Catherine Street East, where clubs are working until the sun comes up, or if you are looking to have fun with English speaking locals, then Crescent Street is your best choice.

Check Out Artistic and Musician Vibe of Mile End

When you are moving internationally, the first thing you want to do is to meet local customs and food. Well lucky for you, Quebec’s Metropolis has a whole district dedicated to this purpose. One of the best things to do here is to take a stroll on Mile End. Mile End is a musician and artistic neighborhood in MTL with a lot of multicultural diversity. It is home to old school bagel shops, Italian cafes, Greek restaurants, vintage records shops, etc. If you are a music lover, then in this neighborhood, you will find memorable concerts and alternative band gigs. For beer lovers, there are numerous breweries you can checkout.

Famous MTL Street Fairs You Should Visit

It doesn’t matter if you are moving during the holidays or not, be sure that The City of Festivals is where you can have a magical time year-round. All year long, you can enjoy a variety of street fairs in different neighborhoods. Most of the fairs occur in May, June, and July, where you can shop, enjoy good quality music, food, and drinks. Most famous are the Quartier Latin happening during the last weekend of May, Grand-Prix in June when the Saint-Laurent Boulevard is turned into the pedestrian street, and Italian Week in Little Italy for candy lovers at the end of Marth.

Visit Quartier Des Spectacles and Cabaret Mado

Quartier Des Spectacles is one of the most famous neighborhoods, filled with amazing restaurants, bars, and theaters, and the location where the majority of the festivals happens. Here you will find a Gay Quarter and the Place des Festivals, and you can enjoy this neighborhood atmosphere by taking a stroll or taking a bite in some of the restaurants. When you are in a neighborhood nearby, you can check the most famous drag shows in Great White North in Cabaret Mado. Set in vibrant Gay Village, it offers live entertainment and comedy shows seven days a week.

How Can I Have Fun in Montreal?

Well, if you are wondering what to do in Montreal, having fun is one of the things you are certainly going to do. It is no coincidence that they call MTL the “Sin City.” The nickname was given during Prohibition in the US, and some of the locals are still referring to him like this. The famous “Just for Laughs” festival is taking place every summer in Quebec’s Metropolis, with more than 2000 shows – gala performances, indoor and outdoor performances, club shows, etc.

But if you are more for a less crowded area, then Le Marché des Possibles is the space for you. This open-air market is family-friendly, and here, you can enjoy a local beer with some snacks, listen to a band, or even watch a movie. If you are moving with your dog, don’t worry, most of these places are pet friendly. After all, you are moving to Canada, one of the friendliest countries in the world.

Solve Mysteries and Have Fun

One of the unique ways to have fun in Quebec’s Metropolis and explore the town is the Amazing race of Montreal. Fun and a thrilling game you can play with your family, friends, or colleagues, where you collect and solve clues scattered throughout the town. Each clue gives you the answer to where to find another. This activity is where you will learn a lot about the city and see some sights you may have missed. If you are not in the mood for a walk, you can always try some of the escape room games. Numerous facilities provide this type of indoor fun.

Things To Do in MTL in Winter

In winter, people usually come here to snowshoe, sled or ski. If you don’t like snowy activities, you can go to the “sugar shack,” where you can enjoy sweet maple syrup poured on the fresh snow. If you moved with your family, then Fête des Neiges de Montréal is an event where you can take your kids to enjoy winter activities in a safe environment. If you wish to dance and listen to the most popular DJ in the world, then Igloofest is something you can look forward to. It is a significant festival, organized every winter from January 14th through February 6th. Check this video for some more information about MTL’s winter attractions.

More Things You Need to Visit in Quebec’s Metropolis

There are also some other things you should check out, like the Jean-Talon Market with its fantastic selection of fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy products, etc. In the Jean-Talon market, you can try ready to eat food from around the world. If you are moving to another country for love, you should check out Place Ville Marie Summit for the town’s most romantic view and famous sights.

If you are wondering is Montreal safe, the answer is yes. Even though it is a place for fun and entertainment, MTL is considered to be a very safe place to raise a family. The crime rate is really low here, which is fantastic for a metropolitan area of 4 million people. Here you can go on a walk in the evening or take a bus or metro, without feeling unsafe or scared.

What Is There To Do in Montreal Right Now?

Whether you’re moving abroad alone or with your family, your probably wondering what’s happening in MTL right now. You can find out more current information on the What’s on website. There you can see when significant festivals and activities are taking place, and get familiar with their schedule. Meanwhile, while waiting for the next big festival, there are plenty of activities you can do li, like enjoying light festivals downtown and visiting the holiday market both in person or online. So if you decide on international moving to Montreal, don’t hesitate to contact international movers; the right time to move to Canada is now.

Prepare Yourself for the Move

Now that you know all about Paris of North America, it is time for your preparation for living overseas. So take your documents needed to travel abroad and start packing to move. If you still don’t know how to move to another country, then hire an overseas moving company to give you advice or two. Moving across the world can be difficult, especially if you are moving in wintertime. This is why it is vital to hire an international moving company to help you with your relocation.

These companies can provide you with moving services at an affordable price that will ease your relocation, such as packing service or renting storage. Also, shipping a car overseas might sound like a crazy idea, but overseas vehicle shipping pays off, especially in the Great White North. There are many winter outdoor activities you should check out, and it can be inconvenient without a car if you want to travel around.

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