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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Places to Live in Connecticut – the 2020 Edition

Posted Country Guides / November 21, 2020

There are so many locations that can be considered as the best places to live in Connecticut. If you’re still not sure about where you should settle down, we got the answer. Take a look at our ultimate guide and pick the perfect place for your new nest. You’ll get to choose between seven beautiful communities that will raise your standard of living, so get ready to fall in love with CT.

Since you’re considering moving abroad and living in Connecticut, you must be a nature lover. CT is full of little towns with suburban vibes, but New York is just around the corner in case you get hungry for the bright lights of a metropolis. There are also big cities, coastal towns, and rural areas. Simply put, having everything for everybody’s needs and taste is what is Connecticut known for. Let’s check out where you should reside if you decide you’re moving internationally to CT.

How Did We Determine What Are the Best Places to Live in Connecticut?

Before you start reading, you should know our methodology. It’s not only based on what we find nice, pretty, interesting, or important. It’s also based on a number of factors, including the safety and crime level, what is the diversity of the population, is it a vibrant and tight-knit community, and what is there to do for fun or in free time. You will choose your favorite depending on your reason for moving to Connecticut, your preferences, and how big your budget is. That is why we tried to list the top locations for everyone. We know that international moving isn’t that fun, but the change itself can be. Choosing to come here is a great idea and it will surely change your life for the better. Without any further delaying, here come the best places to live in Connecticut.

When Asking Anybody What Is the Best Area to Live in Connecticut, You Will Hear Greenwich

No matter if you’re moving abroad alone or with family, Greenwich will be the one for you. It has been named one of the wealthiest towns in the country year after year, but except for being posh, it has so much to offer. It is one of the oldest towns here, and it’s very rich with history and culture. It’s located on the coast, so four beautiful beaches will wait for you to come swimming, fishing, or just enjoying a stroll on the sand. With wonderful activities like these, how can adjusting to a new country be hard? Also, NYC is less than an hour away.

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Other Reasons That Make Greenwich One of the Best Places to Live in Connecticut

The standard of living here is over the roof. The average household income is almost in the top ten in the nation. That also means a few more things – job opportunities are amazing, public schools are very highly rated, and the crime level is almost non-existent. Moving overseas and coming here is an amazing decision if you can afford it. According to the Niche website, the median rent in the Old Greenwich neighborhood is $2,500, which is way higher than the national average of $950. The median home value is around $1,500,000.

Wondering What Is the Safest Place to Live in Connecticut? Check out West Hartford

Usually, when people think of safe locations, they might think that they will be bored there. West Hartford is there to show the opposite. This diverse, upscale town is another one of the perfect locations to reside, and it’s also the safest one. It never gets boring, so if you’re thinking about what to do in Connecticut, this place will give you the answer. Here you will find an urban environment that also allows you to enjoy nature, there are many options for shopping and dining, and numerous outdoor activities. Residing here will make you want to start living a healthier lifestyle. It can also be compared to one of the best places to retire in Europe since it offers amazing conditions and it’s definitely on par with all the best places to live abroad with family.

It Is Also One of the Best Cities to Live in Connecticut

This town doesn’t lack cultural activities and entertainment – you’ll enjoy festivals, events, and arts. However, don’t be surprised if you see that some of them are canceled due to Coronavirus pandemics. Schools are worth moving across the world, and young families love raising their kids here. The town center is beautiful, and the sidewalks are perfectly made for strolling with a baby carriage. Farmer’s markets are also a thing, so you’ll be sure that the groceries you’re buying are organic.

What Is the Cheapest City to Live in Connecticut?

Hiring an overseas moving company and shipping overseas isn’t cheap, but the cost of living in Connecticut won’t help with that. High living standards, including outstanding education and health services, ask for high taxes, safe neighborhoods ask for high rents, and beautiful houses with plenty of nature around ask for high prices. However, there are towns that won’t require access to a full bank account.

Thompson Is a Real Small Gem

Less than 10,000 people reside in this small and safe town close to Hartford and Boston. Choosing to become a resident here won’t deny you of any of the great things that CT offers but will save you money. Renting here will cost you only $50 more than the national average – it will be around $1,000, while the median value of homes is $200,000. The best thing about this is that the households here have a median income of $81,000, which is almost $30,000 more than the national average. You’ll be able to afford everything, to call this amazing state your home, and to pay a lot less than in other locations.

If You’re Looking for Buying a Place, Try Plainfield

In case you’re gathering quotes about moving, hiring an international moving company, and looking for the documents needed to travel abroad because you wish to buy a property in CT, this is the spot. If you’re interested in residing in a quiet, family-oriented town with wonderful local diners, Plainfield’s real estate will wow you. It’s very cheap – the median home value is less than the national for almost $11,000! You can buy real estate for less than $174,000 while renting is also low-priced – the median rent is $840. Imagine all of these prices with an average income of more than $67,000.

What Are the Best Cities in Connecticut for Young Professionals?

Anyone coming here and looking for a community where many young professionals chose to reside should pick one of these three locations in CT- New Haven, Stamford, and Milford.

Why these three?

New Haven

It is not only a great town, but it’s also affordable. The median value of homes here is $250,000, which is pretty low for CT standards. Median rent is also cheap, almost as the national average – $1,100. Around 860,000 people reside here, and those who grew up here say that they had amazing colleges to prepare them for an excellent career. Young professionals love residing here because they have all the opportunities they need – if your field is medicine, here is Yale New Haven Hospital, and if you’re aspiring to become a university professor, here is Yale University. If you want to relax after a hard day of work, here are large parks to walk, ride a bike, or just shut your brain off. Because of that, moving with pets, especially moving with dogs here, will be an amazing idea.


Another pretty affordable location, but a bit more expensive than New Haven. Here the median value of homes is around $525,000, while the median rent is around $1,750. This oceanside city is less than an hour away from NY, so you’re not limited to finding work only in CT. Some professionals even choose to work in NY and reside here because of the much cheaper rents. In case you’re planning an employee relocation, and you already have a job here, great. Then you’ll have all the time to explore and enjoy all that Stamford has to offer – nature, beach, and parks, festivals, movie theaters, concerts, and much more.


Cheaper than Stamford, but more expensive than New Haven, Milford’s median home value is $300,000, and the rent is $1,500. It’s in the east part of the state, close to NYC and Long Island, so you’ll get to choose where you want to work. You’ll find plenty of restaurants, and nightlife is also great. Single people will also have a lot of fun activities here, but even if you’re moving to another country for love, you won’t miss. The people are very friendly, and if you’re searching for a community that will feel like home, this might be the one.

These Can Also Be the Best Cities in Connecticut for Meeting New People

The diversity of the population, nightlife, and good connection to other parts of CT make these three towns excellent spots to get your social life running. You still need to figure out how to keep in touch with friends in the city you lived in before, while the people you meet here can help you with breaking the language barrier (in case your English is not that good.)

Is Connecticut a Good State to Live In?

Any time someone is searching for the perfect country to relocate to and hiring an international moving company, they are looking for a number of conditions that need to be met. Since every individual has unique preferences, that will also determine what place is the one for them. If one of our suggested locations met your needs or fulfilled your expectations, that means it’s time for moving overseas by air or by sea. It’s very important to find a professional company that can offer you all the services you need, including storage for your belongings and custom crating for shipping some delicate and expensive items. Don’t forget to schedule a free home survey with the company to get the flat price of your relocation with no unexpected costs on the day of the move or on the delivery. Overseas shipping of your vehicle can also be a good idea, especially if you plan to commute to Boston or NY, but you can always use public transportation as well. Learn what to pack when moving abroad, or get packing services for your boxes and furniture, and join families, young singles, retirees, and other happy residents who recommend life in CT.

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