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By Anastasia Hill in Country Guides July 29, 2013

Best Ever Guide to Moving to Greece

Moving to Greece sounds like a lovely adventure. Even though every international relocation can be somewhat demanding, you won’t find it that troublesome when you have something to look forward to. And you certainly do have a lot to look forward to when relocating to the cradle of Western civilization. From rich history and culture to lovely weather all year round, there are plenty of reasons why you might have decided to live there.

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By Jane Davis in Country Guides July 5, 2013

Moving to Costa Rica – All You Need to Know

In times when you get tired of your job, everyday life, when everything seems so dull and repetitive, the idea of living somewhere where life seems so much more simple and easy-going has probably crossed your mind several times. Hence, it is no wonder that the idea of moving to Costa Rica is the reason why so many seniors cannot wait to retire and pack their bags. But it is not just them. Many young people and families are also looking to relocate to this tropical paradise in Central America. So there has to be more than sun and sand behind that, right? Let’s explore the options and see what life in this country has to offer.

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By Milly Andrews in Country Guides June 27, 2013

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to England From the US

There are many reasons why people all over the world are drawn to this part of the UK. Whether you are considering moving to England from the USA because of great job opportunities, excellent education, or impressive cultural heritage, you will not make a mistake. However, you must learn a thing or two about living in England as an expat before fully completing this step. To make things easier for you we’ve gathered all the necessary information – all you have to do is go through them.

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By Hannah Michaelson in Country Guides June 14, 2013

Things You Should Know Before Moving to the Bahamas

Moving to the Bahamas is far from a bad idea, especially if you like spending your time enjoying a scenic view of the sea and the white sand beaches (and who doesn’t?). But if you were asking yourself how to live in another country, having doubts about the cost of living, necessary vaccinations, and the quality of the school system is only natural given the complex nature of an international move.

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By Anastasia Hill in Country Guides June 8, 2013

10 Things To Know About Moving To Germany If You’re An American

Situated in the heart of the old continent, Deutschland is one of the most desirable places for expats worldwide. Has moving to Germany been your dream? If you decided to relocate, know that you’ll be settled in the land of castles, palaces, unique natural landscape, and of course, some fantastic beer and bratwurst. This country has the strongest economy in Europe, offers plenty of job opportunities, and has high-quality healthcare. Find out everything you need to know before you start planning your international move.

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