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Why Would You Be Moving From New York to London (and Be Right)

Posted Country Guides / July 21, 2022
Lucy Lucas

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One of the most popular destinations for NY residents when moving internationally is the beautiful capital of the UK. With numerous architectural landmarks and vast green spaces, moving from New York to London can be, without a doubt, a great decision for all Americans who are looking for a change of scenery.

Is Living in London Better Than New York? Moving From New York to London Will Bring Many Benefits

Truth be told, when moving to London from New York, the culture shock probably won’t be that much of a problem. First of all, don’t forget that you won’t have to worry about breaking the language barrier. Secondly, as a NY resident, you have probably grown accustomed to high ethnic diversity. The capital of the UK is no different. It’s a city with one of the most diverse populations in the world. However, this doesn’t change the fact that you’re moving abroad into a different culture which by itself can bring many positive changes to your life. All in all, if you’re wondering – “Is it worth to relocate to London,” the capital of the UK is one of the best places to live abroad.

Is It Hard for an American to Move to the UK? Here’s the Basic Guide on Necessary Documents Before You Hire International Movers and Leave

How do I permanently move to the UK from the USA? When moving overseas, a lot of documents will be needed to travel and settle in another country. When it comes to relocations to the UK, a visa is the most important document. There are various types of visas, but the most easily obtainable ones are the UK work visa and family visa. Here are some of the requirements that you will have to fulfill in order to get a work visa:

  • You will need a statement from your employer on the salary,
  • You will have to prove that you’re in a stable financial situation by providing bank statements,
  • You will need a valid passport and traveling history for the last five years,
  • Depending on the vocation, you will perhaps have to provide a criminal record certificate,
  • Since we are traveling during coronavirus, depending on where you have traveled, certain medical reports will be necessary.

It’s not worth considering booking an international moving company and their packing services before acquiring all the necessary documentation. A great way to get acquainted with the procedure is to contact the expat community. There are numerous groups on social media networks, but if you’re unable to get in contact, there are plenty of expats who share their experiences and tips via blogs and videos.

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The Cost of Living Should Not Be a Problem for a NY City Resident

Is it cheaper to live in NYC or London? This is certainly the most important issue for all people who are moving from London to New York and vice versa. According to many expats, the cost of living in the capital of the UK is slightly lower than in NY. The main things which are more affordable are public transport service and groceries. Although, of course, as with all big cities, the prices rise as we approach the center.

One of the main reasons for an international move to the UK is the free health care insurance system. You will have to be registered, but once all requirements are fulfilled, the American fear of healthcare costs will be gone. Another prominent difference is the ticket prices for cultural institutions. Both cities have a plethora of theaters and art galleries to offer. However, NY is much more expensive when it comes to tickets. Taking everything into account, it shouldn’t be a problem for a NY resident to balance finances abroad, especially in this town.

You Should Be Able to Find an Affordable New Home When Moving to This City

The capital of the UK has a population of around nine million people, so you can imagine how many neighborhoods there are to check and choose from. NYC has a similar population; however, London’s land area is double the size which means that it isn’t as dense as NYC. One of London’s main disadvantages is the prices of homes. However, if you are looking to rent something when going to live overseas, the prices are, overall, lower than in NY. Nonetheless, doing thorough research on the cost of living should be high up on your relocating abroad checklist, and websites like Numbeo share invaluable information about this topic.

This Could Be a Perfect New Place for All People Who Are Relocating Because of an Educational Pursuit

According to certain reports, the capital of the UK has around seven hundred schools and forty universities. Therefore, this city is considered to be one of the best places to live abroad with your family, since your children will have access to the best educational facilities – some of the most renowned universities like Imperial College or the University of Greenwich are located here. Therefore, if you are looking to relocate abroad alone in search of academic prestige, this could be the ideal city for you. Here is a lovely video about some of the most popular universities.

You Will Be Able to Enjoy a Lot More Green Areas Than in NY

Although NY is not too shabby when it comes to parks, it comes nowhere near the capital of the UK. Just to illustrate, NY’s Central Park covers around 842 acres, while London’s royal parks cover over 5,000 acres. The home of Big Ben is also known for having a thoroughly developed cycling system and beautiful promenades along the river Thames. Some of the most popular destinations are Hyde Park, St. James’s Park, Regent’s Park, and Kensington Gardens. No matter where you settle, little time will be required to reach green space.

In Reply to the Popular Stereotype, Rain Won’t Cancel Your Plans Each Day

Often one of the first associations when the UK is mentioned is overcast weather, and certainly, in some parts of the country, rain is an almost everyday occurrence. However, the UK’s capital is not in those parts. London’s climate is milder than NY’s. All four seasons are prominent. However, extreme hot and cold temperatures are not typical, and for many expats, spring and fall are the most beautiful seasons of the year.

You Will Be Relocating to One of the Greatest European Sports Centers

If you are a sports fan or an athlete who is shipping overseas their tennis racquets, know that you couldn’t have picked a better place. NYC is undoubtedly an American sports powerhouse, but the capital of the UK doesn’t falter here in its own respects. Sports centers are inseparable parts of London’s green spaces, and some of the most popular leisure activities are swimming, cycling, rowing, and tennis.

However, we mustn’t fail to mention the sport that embodies the English spirit – football (we Americans call it soccer, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do). Although you are maybe not be acquainted much with the culture of football, there will be no better way to adjust to the country than to go to a pub for a few pints and then go watch a football match. The capital of the UK is home to some of the world’s most famous football teams like Arsenal, West Ham, Chelsea, Tottenham, and many more. Furthermore, the Premier League (the English version of MLS) is actually quite popular in the USA, and there are many American fan groups.

In addition, one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments is played here, the grand slam Wimbledon. Also, there are regular world-class equestrian, rugby, cricket, and rowing events. Finally, the capital of the UK regularly hosts American sports events, so each year, you will have the opportunity to watch various NBA and NFL teams. Nonetheless, since it’s a metropolis, you can pretty much search for any type of activity, and you are bound to find it.

London’s Public Transport Service Is Much Better According to Many Expats

When relocating to a big town, it’s natural to wonder how good public transportation is. Truth be told, the Big Apple has a well-developed network. However, residents often share experiences about overcrowding and the tension during rush hours. This isn’t the case with London’s network. The most popular method of transportation is the Tube (London’s metro system), but you will also have the option to catch a bus. Of course, you will be able to ride in the iconic double-decker bus.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions and Tips About Relocating to This Wonderful European Town

In general, there are many great benefits of international relocation, and the UK is considered to be one of the best countries for Americans to move to since there is no language barrier. Nevertheless, a lot has to be checked when going to live in Europe as an American, and here are some common questions:

Is London colder than NYC?

NYC’s climate is, overall, colder than London’s. During winters, the temperature rarely drops below zero in the capital of the UK (the average temperature is around 40 degrees F).

Can I live in the UK as a US citizen?

If you are planning on hiring an overseas shipping company and settling in the UK, you will require a visa. As a US citizen, you are free to stay in the UK for a maximum of 6 months, but you will not be permitted to work. Visa-free visits are characteristic for tourists.

Do US citizens living in the UK pay US taxes?

The quick answer is yes, you will have to pay taxes since the US tax system doesn’t operate on a place of residence but on citizenship. Luckily for all the expats, there is the US/UK tax treaty which does offer many benefits. Furthermore, there are legal strategies through which you can further deduct taxes. For expats in the UK, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and Foreign Tax Credit are two options.

Can I move to the UK without a job?

It’s possible for a person to relocate without a job, but it’s rather difficult since most of the visas are acquired through employment (work visas). Nevertheless, there are several ways of settling without a job. One of the most popular options is getting a recommendation from some UK’s official institution (for example, you can get a High Potential Individual or a Global Talent visa if you are attending some educational facility). However, if you’re wealthy, a permit can be acquired just by proving that you can support yourself. Nevertheless, there are many great jobs for Americans in Europe, and in the UK for that matter. One of the best relocation tips is to start searching for a job as soon as you hire an overseas moving company.

What's the easiest country to move to from the US?

To be honest, when it comes to documentation, the UK isn’t one of the easier countries to relocate to as an American (relocating to Canada or Australia is easier). However, when compared to some other countries (relocating to Germany can be tough,) it isn’t all that hard. However, bureaucratic requirements are not the only important thing. You should also consider cultural and language differences, climate aspects, and other things that will affect your self-fulfillment. Sometimes, wasting a bit more time on paperwork is definitely worth it.

The Capital of the UK Is Definitely of the Best European Cities for Americans to Relocate To

There are many great and friendly countries to relocate to, and the UK is certainly one of them. Is it possible for an American to move to London? The answer is an absolute yes. Of course, don’t make any rash decisions. Search for all needed information carefully. However, as a NY resident, you will most likely be able to easily adapt to the UK, both in financial and cultural terms.

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