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Are You Supposed to Tip Movers Once the Relocation is Done?

Posted Moving Preparation / June 17, 2022

Gratuity or tipping is a custom in which we say “thank you” to service sector workers for the service they have provided. But the question is – are you supposed to tip movers? So we should first consider whether employees in the relocation industry fall into the category of service workers.

If you’re considering whether tipping movers and packers is something you are expected to do, the simple and straightforward answer is – yes. Workers in the relocation industry provide you with various services that make moving overseas a stressless, effortless, and pleasant experience. They do all the heavy lifting and take care of your precious valuables and breakables with ease. So, if you’re wondering – do you tip movers, keep in mind that it is common courtesy to show gratitude and say a big thank you this way.

Relocating Long Distance or Moving Internationally – Everything Is Better With an International Moving Company

Hypothetically speaking, imagine you plan to move to South Korea because of an awesome opportunity to work in new surroundings. Employee relocation is one of the most common reasons for international moving. In fact, according to Statista, in 2021, the most common reason for expats to travel long distances and relocate abroad was that they had acquired a job in a new place on their own. And now imagine the distance you have to travel and relocate your belongings – it isn’t something that is easily handled by yourself.

That’s why it’s equally important – whether you want to move to England or find a new home somewhere more exotic and move to Morocco – to find an overseas moving company. Professionals working in the relocation industry have a ton of experience handling all kinds of moves, from local to those around the world.

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Relocations Workers Are Essential Workers That Cover Local, Long Distance, and Moving Abroad Services

Basically, it would mean a lot for your nerves if you would let professionals take care of everything relocation-related. A reliable relocation business will, in fact, offer storage service solutions, expedient packing service, and more than convenient and safe overseas shipping services. So what’s there not to like? And, more importantly, from your point of view – is mover tipping a thing, since they handle so much work?

The time of ‘Rona has made us question a lot of things about ourselves and reevaluate our way of life, and thus change some things in order to be a new and better person. Perhaps it served as a motivation for a change of scenery, and it has urged us to seek out the best countries to live in. But it also motivated all of us to think twice about traveling abroad during Covid-19 and whether we would be able to find professional help.

One of the things that could help you decide whether tipping a moving company is a custom is to realize that each relocation team is, in fact, among essential workers. They have been declared as such during the pandemic, as they have continued to offer their services to people relocating from one place to a new one and even moved them abroad. And as they work in the service sector, showing something like gratitude for a job well done is a common courtesy.

Not All Movers Are the Same, so Deciding to Tip Them Should Be Based on Several Factors

Before we elaborate on how much you are expected to give, and do you tip moving companies regardless of the services you used, let’s see the factors that could influence your decision. These certain aspects of service will determine the tipping for shipping overseas:

  • The professionalism of the overseas shipping company crew should be at a high level. Relocations are costly, especially when we move overseas, and you should expect to get served professionally every step of the way.
  • If you’ve picked the relocation company correctly, you should expect their team to be vetted in all things related to relocations. Above all, they should have enough experience in handling all kinds of possessions, and you should expect them to be punctual and efficient.
  • The whole relocation process will be smooth if your relocation team shows up on time at your home and get to work immediately. They should also not take breaks one after another, as they should instead put maximum effort, so everything runs effortlessly. After all, relocating across the world takes a lot of time, patience, and good nerves, and your relocation specialists should make it at least a bit easier.
  • The relocation team should be up to the tasks in several aspects – in case of unpredicted events, such as bad weather, they are supposed to face it without issues. There’s also something they are required to handle with ease, and that is packing everything you’ve placed in your inventory list.
  • When it comes to packing your entire home, the crew should be able to handle more delicate objects and take proper care of artworks, glass, and any other valuable and breakable items. After all, each of your objects should survive relocating internationally, so your relocation specialists should be versed in handling them.

The more they have to handle (a bigger house to pack, bad weather outside,) you shouldn’t even question the tips. But is it OK not to tip movers, and when it’s acceptable to avoid tipping? If the crew that arrived at your home is doing lousy work, you shouldn’t feel guilty about not tipping them. After all, we usually reward people for a job well done, and if you’re not satisfied, you shouldn’t give away tips.

You Shouldn’t Ask Yourself Are You Supposed to Tip Movers, but Rather – How Much

We are used to tipping in restaurants and hair salons, and we do so frequently. A lot of people dine out regularly or get their hair done, and it’s a general rule of thumb to show gratitude in these situations. But finding the best countries for Americans to move to and relocating isn’t something that’s done very often. That’s why you may not be certain whether you should be tipping the relocation crew, nor how much is an average tip for movers.

Determine the Decisive Factors for the Amount You’ll Give

To determine how much cash you should prepare for tips, you should take into account a few other factors besides the professionalism of your relocation crew. Packing your things and relocating to the next town is definitely not the same as uprooting your life and moving to Japan, nor will it cost the same. So, if you’re considering –  is 10% a good tip for movers – keep in mind that calculating tips based on percentage is not a wise thing to do if you’re about to move abroad. Since the average cost of an international move is around $5,000, 10% would be $500, and not many of us can afford to give that much.

Establish What Is the Standard Tip for Movers

There are additional factors that should influence your decision on the amount you will add to the bill as a bonus. If the packers sent by the relocation company are packing up your whole household and handling fragile items (which ends in relieving you of relocation stress,) they should be awarded accordingly. So, let’s see how much you should give as tips:

  • If you’re wondering is $20 enough to tip movers, keep in mind the hours they have worked and how many members their team has. Consider giving $3 to $5 tips to each mover per hour they have worked. Or $10 to $20 for half a day of work.
  • For a full day of labor, you should consider giving away bonuses from $20 to $40. After all, they have been packing electronics, handling and wrapping plates, and everything else you want to transport for 8 hours straight.
  • If you are wondering, is $100 a good tip for movers handling a complex move that takes a full day of 10 or more hours to complete, it probably won’t cut it. If they have done their job well, they deserve a generous amount. They should receive as much as $60 or more for handling such a daunting job well.

Do You Tip Movers When They Load or Unload?

Do you tip movers on both ends? If you’re moving locally, there won’t be any doubts about it – once you give bonuses, you’re done because the same team will be handling loading and unloading. But if you’re going to live abroad, two different teams will be handling your belongings, so you should prepare tips for each. In this case, you will be unsure how many workers will be at the other location, so you should contact the company and get this information.

If you need more information about bonuses for workers, watch the following video.

What Should You Do If You Can’t Afford to Give Bonuses?

Sometimes we have to move on a low budget, and we haven’t been able to get a job in Europe prior to our move, so we don’t have a lot of money to work with, nor to give away as bonuses. So, what should we do if that is the case? You could use some relocation tips and ingenious relocation hacks. These pieces of advice will ensure you show a form of gratitude toward the crew that has worked so hard to enable you to move efficiently.

Prepare Refreshments and Snacks

Whether you have some cash for bonuses with you or not, your move-out day preparation should include some snacks and refreshments. Packing, wrapping, and heavy-lifting is a tough job, and the workers should have enough energy to handle everything. Also, ensure you don’t stand in the way while they are trying to get things done swiftly and efficiently, but also be available for anything they could need.

Be Kind and Respectful, and Lend a Helping Hand if Needed

It’s common courtesy to be respectful towards people working in servicing sectors, and it’s no different with relocation crews. Being kind and treating workers with respect is like breaking the language barrier and will do wonders as a motivation for the professionals handling your move. In fact, you should not expect to be treated with kindness and respect if you are not the one providing it in the first place.

Prepare to Write a Positive and Praiseworthy Review on Their Website

If you don’t have enough money to add bonuses to the final bill, don’t worry. Writing praise on the relocation company’s website is a great option and should be included in your to-do list even if you have tipped the workers. No praise has ever gone unnoticed, and there’s a high chance that the people who worked hard to handle your relocation will be awarded by their employer. Keep in mind that a review will also have other people on the move, as they often look at the company’s reviews in order to avoid relocation scams.

Our Relocation Crew Will Come Up With the Best Ways to Help, so We Should Appreciate It

There’s no such thing as a simple relocation, and they can be complex even when we move locally. But picking one among the best cities to live in Europe and preparing to move there takes a lot of patience, house hunting, preparing documents needed to travel abroad, and overall a lot of tasks. That’s why preparing gratuity and bonuses for your relocation crews on both ends should be a sign of appreciation on your behalf. After all, these are the people that will provide all the services and their experience to make sure you move without an ounce of stress.

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A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

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