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Moving to College? Here Are the Top 3 Countries for International Students

Posted Country Guides / August 2, 2022

Is it good to move away for college? Moving to college in a foreign country is not unusual among US students. It is a unique opportunity to, at the same time, pursue academic excellence and integrate yourself into another culture. Moreover, international students often get the chance to start their careers in those countries.

Before Moving to College, Carefully Consider What Country Will Suit You the Most

What should I know before moving to college? We have picked a few countries which are considered great for US students for this article. True, when moving internationally, there will be a lot of interesting locations, but before you decide where to live, it is best to make sure that the environment will be suitable. Here are important aspects that have to be assessed:

The quality of educational facilities

There is no point in hiring an international moving company and their storage service and moving out of state for college if you can’t find the desired curriculum. Also, it is important to check what the campus is like before relocating to another country. After all, you’ll be starting a life on your own, and some basic level of comfort is necessary.

Leisure time

What to do after moving into college? Once your possessions have been unloaded from storage and the dorm room furnished, it is time to begin studying. However, the availability of leisure activities is also important (once you have finished with school responsibilities, of course). So be sure to check what a certain location offers before moving abroad.

Cost of living

Hopefully, you’ll receive a scholarship from a foreign school. However, it is still wise to research the cost of living and compare it with the potential scholarship or your savings. Websites like Numbeo (specifically designed for the cost of living statistics) can help a lot.

These Countries Are the Most Popular Destinations for Moving Away for College

Although this is not a strict rule (especially for English-speaking countries, where you don’t have to break the language barrier,) in countries where there are already expat communities and a large number of international students, it is much easier for people to adjust to the new environment. Here are the countries with the most international students:

Are You Longing for a Long Summer Day on the Sea? A Move to Spain Might Be the Ideal Decision

In general, Americans have been relocating to Spain increasingly in recent years. The reason to move there is simple – nothing can beat the warm Mediterranean climate and the beautiful deep blue sea. Imagine being on a campus that is looking at the beautiful coastline. But, on the other hand, relocating to Madrid and other inland cities is equally popular. Spain’s passionate flamenco music, Mediterranean cuisine, and gregarious people will make you enjoy overcoming the culture shock.

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Spain Has a Lot of Top-Notch Universities to Offer to International Students

Whatever foreign country you want to choose for your studies, know that not all universities offer the same possibilities to international students. Some are more accommodating than others. Nonetheless, Spain’s most renowned universities accept a lot of international students and offer many exciting courses of study. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • The University of Valencia – When enrolling at La Universitat de València, know that you’ll be booking an overseas shipping company to move you to a big city. The university offers courses conducted both in English and Spanish, and your campus will be located at the coastline. It offers courses in all academic fields – humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
  • The University of Granada – Universidad de Granada accepts the biggest percentage of Spanish international students. It offers the widest selection of courses and is generally considered to be the most accommodating university for foreigners. The University of Granada has one of the most comprehensive programs in Spain, offering courses in all academic disciplines.
  • The University of Salamanca – If you want to start your life overseas in a calmer environment, Universidad de Salamanca might be the ideal school for you. Being the oldest university in Spain, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditional academic Spanish environment. The University of Salamanca is considered to be the center for studies of humanities and social sciences in Spain.

Finally, Spain is not so demanding when it comes to documents needed to travel abroad (it is even easier for international students,) and more importantly, the overall cost of living and tuition fees are not high, which makes it ideal if you’re relocating on a low budget. Here is a lovely video filmed by expats on life in Spain.

Germany Is One of the Most Affordable Countries for International Students to Move In

Why is moving to college so hard? Well, tuition fees are often the main obstacle. However, Germany has removed tuition fees at public universities. You will only need to pay certain enrollment fees. As a result, many international students are relocating to Germany.

Of course, when it comes to culture and leisure, Germany has a lot to offer. Whether relocating to Berlin or Munich, there will be no shortage of good beer and hearty meals. Another important thing is that Germany has one of the best transport systems in the world. Whether you’re using the famous autobahn or rail systems, German precision will not falter. Hence, traveling across this beautiful country won’t be a problem.

German Educational Plan for International Students Is One of the Better in the World

Germany is generally considered to be one of the best countries to live in, and even more so for students, as in addition to no tuition fees, universities offer free access to a lot of public amenities. Here are some of the most sought-after German universities:

  • Technical University of Munich – Technische Universität München is quite possibly one of the best European universities for natural sciences. It offers one of the most comprehensive curricula, encompassing pretty much everything from architecture and mechanical engineering, across economics, to medicine. Furthermore, Munich is one of the most developed German cities and a great place to live abroad.
  • Free University of Berlin – Freie Universitaet Berlin offers courses in all academic fields. Around 40% of students are foreign (10-15 % pursuing a bachelor’s degree, while 20-25% master’s degrees). Hence, it is quite accommodating for international students. Furthermore, Berlin is a city with a unique culture, and running out of things to do there is impossible. It is home to one of the most exciting music scenes in the world.
  • RWTH Aachen University – Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen has been ranked among the top ten German universities for quite a long time. It also provides courses in all professional fields as well. Aachen is also situated near Dutch and Belgium border, which will give you an opportunity to make exciting road trips.

The cost of living is, on average, lower than in the USA, which means that balancing finances abroad shouldn’t be a problem. Germany is known for its rigid visa conditions. However, as a student, you won’t have to worry about obtaining all the necessary paperwork.

Australia Has Been a Top International Students’ Destination for Some Time Now

How do I prepare to move to college? When moving overseas, it is always advisable to search for tips on how to learn a new language in order to adjust more quickly. When relocating to Australia, that won’t be a problem since it is an English-speaking country. Also, due to reasonable tuition fees, it is a choice for many international students, and the chances that you will share a dorm room with a student from another country are high.

Australia has one of the most extraordinary flora and fauna in the world, and you will be able to witness one-of-a-kind natural spectacles. But also, it is a country with some of the most modern cities in the world, like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Hence, on the same day, you will have the opportunity to visit a breathtaking beach and then go to the famous Sydney Opera House.

Australian Universities Are Ranked Among the Best by the Us Students

Although more expensive in certain departments, Australia’s cost of living is pretty similar to the USA’s, which means that there shouldn’t be any financial problems, especially if you receive a scholarship. As a US resident, you can enroll in a classic studying program, but taking the foreign student program is also available. Some of the most popular universities are:

  • Australian National University – Located in the capital city Canberra, Australian National University (AMU) offers excellent courses in humanities and social sciences. Moreover, AMU is ranked as the best university in Australia. The reason for this is the fact that you will have access to numerous libraries, archives, and museums in Canberra as a student in order to conduct research. Canberra is not quite like the other famous Australian cities. It has a more suburban feel to it, and it is located close to many wonderful nature reserves and mountains.
  • The University of Sydney – The University of Sydney offers great programs in natural sciences and sports-related subjects. Also, more than a quarter of students are foreign. Hence, if you’re accustomed to high cultural diversity, nothing will change. Sydney, as a city, is one of the most attractive ones in the world due to its superb beaches, cultural institutions, and nightlife. However, another great fact is that the University of Sydney is considered to have an outstanding campus. It is located in the neighborhood called Newtown, known as a home of many alternative subcultures.
  • The University of Melbourne – The University of Melbourne offers a lot of courses in both humanities and natural sciences and is also known to accept a lot of international students each year. Melbourne is often called “the cultural capital of Australia” as the greatest number of cultural institutions are located there. The great news is that as a student of this university, you will have access to most of them (if not free, there will be significant discounts). The University of Melbourne also invests a lot in sports activities, so you will have access to all kinds of sports venues and fields located on the university’s grounds as well.

Australia has a large US expat community (located mostly in Sydney and Melbourne,) so finding new friends and adjusting won’t be a problem at all. Moreover, getting a student visa as a US resident is not difficult at all.

Contact Your Fellow Students Before You Pack Home Items for Tips on How to Relocate Properly

Deciding which country you want to start your studies in is wonderful, but you also need to know how to move to college. It is best to contact fellow students (the easiest way is to find Facebook groups of the university you’re enrolling at) and ask them for relocation tips about packing, storage, and all other challenges you will face during the move.

Also, Before You Pack, Find the Official University’s Guide for Storage, Unloading, and Furnishing

Before you book an overseas moving company and their packing service, make sure to check the official university’s guidelines. The questions that you should ask yourself are the following:

  • What do I need to move into a college dorm?
  • How long does it take to move into a dorm?
  • What should I know before moving into a dorm?

Renowned universities have strict policies about what can be brought, where items can be stored, and when a person can enter a room during the admittance day. Luckily, everything will be available on their official websites, so make sure to check everything you need before shipping overseas.

Attending a University in a Foreign Country Is One of the Most Beautiful and Profound Life Experiences

Moving across the country for college is already wonderful, but relocating to another country is truly a unique experience. Not only will you be able to achieve indisputable academic prestige, but you will also have an opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture and become proficient in another language. Don’t forget that very few people have the privilege of doing so.

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